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Susan Davy-Hodgson  e-mail:
Butterlfy Kisses
Indiana Limestone
21"H x 16"L x 16"W
Indiana Limestone
154"H x 114"L x 76"W
Queen Antiope
80"H x 8"L x 16"W
6"H x 22"L x 7.5"W
Una Luna
69"H x 12"L x 12"W
Spring Riva
60"H x 44"L x 15"W

As an artist, the subject matter provided by the female form offers limitless possibilities.

As a woman, feminism is a theme that pervades much of my work. Consciously, I have chosen not to focus on so-called “physical beauty”. Artistic freedom affords me the opportunity to alter the female form and simplify the image into basic shapes and forms while still striving to reflect the emotionalism of the subject. Physical features are often exaggerated in an attempt to expose human vulnerability.

As a female sculptor, I feel my work expresses my relationship with the feelings, desires, experiences and emotions of other women.

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